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Let's begin... 

Below is some information and thoughts on our process to get started. Every structure begins with a basic shell that can be filled out 

Standard sizes for the builds and installs for

Home Office Starter Shells & Colorado Sheds

8x8, 8x10,10x12 


How to begin...

Every structures starts as an empty shell and features can be added to everyone budget or taste.

1. decide on size, use, budget, primary features and location 

2. request quote and provide general details like location, initial hurdles and or issues.

Building Sizes and Timeframes

Standard sizes are 8x6, 8x10 or10x12. we can accommodate other requests depending on local zoning and building codes 


Building times are generally 2-3 weeks depending on weather, holidays and supplies.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors will always depend on availability. We traditionally offer a single exterior door and 1 medium window. Additional windows and door styles can be added to each structure. 


We can offer traditional wood panel siding, lap siding or basic vinyl exteriors. Roofing is a standard shingle with a variety of colors. Solar Lighting features can also be added.


Interiors can have a variety of additional features such as Insulation, paneling

 floating desks, lofts , storage shelving, vinyl flooring, electrical access outlets

Foundations and location sites

Structures come standard on 3 pressure treated timbers other foundation arrangements for additional fees. 

Excavation and site access must be handled by property owner unless specified otherwise.

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